Tuesday, January 17, 2012

public mischief

I committed public mischief today.
It was certainly easy to do,

The slanting sunlight of afternoon called me out of hibernation.
I had stood longingly before the window several times, wishing for an excuse to go out.
When pale pink light washed over the neighbors snowy expanse of yard I could resist no longer.
On went my boots and out the door I dashed, camera in hand.
I slipped and slid down my driveway and headed up the sidewalk toward a distant patch of sunlight.
It was coming back home that temptation beckoned.
Framed in a large living room window was a small terrier peering at me as I crunched past.
I raised my hand in a friendly wave.
I thought I saw his ears twitch.
That was my undoing.
As I walked on, I paused to turn, rolling my eyes back towards the window with an exaggerated glance.
The little dogs ears shot up and it began to bark.
Half a block away I could still hear it chirping.

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