Friday, January 20, 2012

modesty and propriety

The first time I saw this photo as an adult, I laughed with self recognition.
I am the little girl with the troubled face.
We were still living in Blue River when this picture was taken beside Dutch Lake in Clearwater.
We were returning home from a trip to Kamloops.
I remember that I wanted to go swimming.
It doesn't look like a warm day, but of course I was from Blue River and that wouldn't have seemed a deterrent at all.
The obstacle to my plan was the lack of a bathing suit.
My mother actually suggested that I swim in my underwear.
Children have a very keen sense of modesty and propriety.
Much keener than at any other age it seems.
A decade later I skinny dipped one warm evening in the cool shady water of Dutch Lake, but that's another story.

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