Sunday, August 7, 2011


Tastes change. There is no other explanation for my deep and abiding love of soup for lunch.
I don't really remember my mother making soup, except for split pea which I hated strictly on sight alone. Ghastly green!?
However, my grandmother did make soup, and she seemed to perpetually have a pot simmering on the back of her wood stove. She served it up every day at noon with thick slices of dark brown bread. I wasn't sure about that bread either.
Today I sat before a steaming bowl of soup filled with brown rice and sweet bright vegetables and dipped crusts of dark pumpernickel bread into the golden broth.
Thanks Grandma, I think I inherited your soup loving DNA after all.


Shari Morehouse said...

I also love soup for lunch really any meal, although not in the summer time. I have a great recipe for split pea soup, maybe you will have to try it! :)

Glenda said...

Mmmmm, sounds good. There is a brand called Habitant that is pretty good. Otherwise, I make the yellow split pea into soup and add barley and carrots etc. Oh, and ham of course; Nice and smokey.