Sunday, July 24, 2011

God's fingerprints

Sometimes clouds are swept by the tides of the sky.
They form wavering ridges of white that remind me of the cold, hard packed sand where foam and wave wash.
Such similar patterns.
Like an artist's signature.
I've gazed at a scan of a human heart, the veins like branches of a tree..
And wood grain is remarkably like the flesh of a fish, curving in its pattern of growth.
God's fingerprints.

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colleensimply said...

I've often loved that the ripples in the sand seem to be mimicked in the ripples of clouds about the beach. it's one of my favourite things I think.

I finally just read your about me section on your profile and had to tell you that I loved it. I have such a hard time writing those kinds of things and so I haven't but I should