Friday, June 17, 2011

carrying the torch

"I need sequins and glitter Grandma," my grandson announced as he happily arranged paper plates and crayons, scissors and glue.
Four year olds love to create.
"I don't know if I have sequins and glitter,"I warned as I dutifully trotted off to check my closet.
The closet of chaos.
My mental health has been tested by this closet and it is an outward sign of chaos within apparently. I believe I read something like that somewhere.
Rubbermaid totes and boxes of random size are stacked precariously behind doors that are opened with trepidation.
They contain, in random order of course, quilting fabric, craft supplies of unknown vintage and in some cases, unknown source, thread, buttons, baby clothes, the odd item of clothing from the 70's awaiting upcycling and the list goes sadly on. Finding sequins and glitter seemed unlikely.
I was motivated by an unreasonable desire to please my small grandson though.
Amazingly, the very first box I rifled through had wonderful red sequins and emerald green glitter.
I returned triumphantly to the dining room.
My grandson carefully drew a large tadpole with legs and applied bling. So much for camouflage. Makes me think of a song from elementary school days, A Froggy Went a Courting and He Did Ride.
It also made me think of my mother. The home I grew up in was not an orderly home. Chaos reigned. There were reasons no doubt, but one of them was that my mother saved things and they tended to build up. Yet, when a wee grandchild in the grips of a creative urge lisped a request for pom poms or walnut shells, she would drop whatever she was doing and trot off to the "end room."
Amazingly, moments later she would return triumphantly bearing the items. She was like a homing device powered by an unreasonable desire to please her grandchildren.
And the torch has been passed.

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That's grandma in a "nutshell"