Friday, April 15, 2011

yogurt of yogurts

Most yogurt is so thin and uninspired. Some have more sugar than Creme Brulee but the supermarket shelves hold a triumph, a yogurt of yogurts.
It is so wonderfully thick and creamlike. Its subtle flavor  is a joy on waffles or pancakes, on baked potatoes or tacos, topped with fruit or eaten spoon by deliciously cool spoonful.
Have the food police not heard of this guilty pleasure?
Oh the dairy aisle, the dairy aisle!!
Where would the world be without Balkan Yogurt?


Sandpiper said...

I too have recently been enjoying this yogurt! I got a couple of tubs of 'plain' on sale and it's delicious!

Glenda said...

Have you tried it on pancakes?