Friday, April 15, 2011

time has come

My china cabinet has become a storage bunker. I pondered that fact with amazement this morning. I didn't even own a china cabinet until six years ago.
When my parents "broke up house" and moved to the coast, I rescued an old cupboard that had been languishing in their sun room. My husband replaced the arborite top and removed a couple of doors. I painted it pale blue. It stands against an apple green wall, its shelves overflowing with vintage dishes in blues and greens. So lovely.
It's below in the dark nether regions that things get out of hand. What good are special things if they never see the light of day, never grace the festal table.
Ahhhh, a perfect spring job. Sorting and selecting and shifting. Who knows what beauty awaits in the shadow. Its time in the sun has come.

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