Thursday, April 7, 2011

self cleaning

The smoke alarms piercing notes brought everyone on the run.
"Supper's ready," I sheepishly announced.
Laughter followed.
A self cleaning oven doesn't really clean itself. It is forced to toil away amidst the grime and ash like Cinderella, poor thing, until a fairy godmother waves her wand, or pushes a few buttons.
I once had an oven catch on fire during a self clean cycle and I've felt a little gun shy ever since. I suppose if I didn't wait until the fire department needed to be on stand by, it would help.
My grandmother and mother both used wood stoves to prepare meals. Self cleaning was an unheard of luxury. So was a dish washer for that matter, or a bread maker, or food processor. Women used to double as kitchen appliances apparently.
Now I just need to push a  few buttons and of course, have the fire extinguisher at the ready.

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