Sunday, February 13, 2011


Doll quilts can become sacred relics. I suppose it is because they are often made by a grandma or mother or aunt and are infused with love.
They also become entwined in the earliest memories of play where reality and make believe blend. Shivering dolls have been snuggled toasty warm again, lonely teddies cheered and soothed.
This doll sized quilt was made in response to a Guild Challenge; a variation of a log cabin block. I hand quilted it because it is for my little granddaughter after all.
Because my great grandmother Minerva was known for her rainbow quilt design, I incorporated that design in the border. Log cabin is probably my mother's signature block. Some of the fabrics were from my mother's and possibly my grandmother's stash. These connections to all things grandmotherly seemed especially appropriate in my own tiny grandchild's gift.
May it warm and comfort.

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