Monday, January 3, 2011

traffic pattern change

The first post of the New Year feels abit like walking in fresh, untrampled snow, or like writing in new scribblers at the beginning of a school year. I love beginnings, and the New Year has always been a favourite. Not in a party or resolution making sort of way, but in a joyous, anticipatory sort of way. This year was different and I drooped dejectedly off to bed before the old year was completely spent. Things didn't look a whole lot brighter in the morning but by mid-day I had recovered my equilibrium. The setting sun on New Year's day would have melted a heart of stone. Such a blaze of glorious color. The air was crisp and as fresh as the alpine.
Driving home from work this afternoon I noticed a sign remaining from a recent road project. Traffic pattern change, it cautioned. It seemed a good warning for the New Year. Change is guaranteed. It's gratitude that's the option.

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