Sunday, January 16, 2011

a simple life

“If I told people that I learned to sew on a treadle machine it would make me sound very old, and it was only because there was no electricity,” I added defensively, weakening my case even further.

Small, remote towns, like the one I grew up in remained locked in time in the 60’s, as far as technology was concerned. Children a few hundred miles away were watching Atom Ant and Bonanza on T.V. We were hunting for frogs and picking blueberries. Their mothers were shopping in large department stores. Ours ordered from catalogues. They picked up bread at the Woodward's Food Floor. We ate crusty loaves baked in the oven of a wood stove. It may be nostalgia speaking, but when I think of childhood days, a quote comes to mind. “A simple life is its own reward.”


Excited to Change said...

I totally agree. I wish life could be simpler like that again.

Glenda said...

Thankyou for commenting. It made me really think. I guess life can be simplified when we are able to commit time to what we value. Really thinking about what and who that is tends to help calm the clamour.