Friday, January 21, 2011

here's hoping

I've lost something. Not my mind, but that may be next.
I suppose I should say more accurately that I've misplaced something. It isn't lost, as in gone forever I assume. It will surface on some distant day and I will shriek and wave it in the air and clasp it to my beating heart.
If time is money, my lost treasure is worth a fair bit, because I have devoted two separate evenings to the fruitless search. Oh where oh where can it be? Oh why oh why can't I find it?
Over the years, I have misplaced my share of important things. I have ground my teeth, seen sparks, felt like snapping a pencil in half, felt hopelessness and felt like breathing into a paper bag. Ahh, nothing like misplacing something to make you feel truly alive. An opportunity to run the full gamut of emotion, especially if that which is lost, is found. Here's hoping.

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