Friday, January 7, 2011

her story

My granddaughter is "nearly new."
She turned two yesterday.
January the sixth. An Epiphany gift.

Wales celebrated the day with The Hunting of the Wren.
Holland with Three Kings Day.
King's Tart was eaten in France and
it was Twelfth Night in England.
Food and festivity, gifts and gaiety, these things mark Epiphany; A remembrance of the gift bearing Magi, the Kings who travelled so far to fall in worship at the feet of the little Christ.  They are an object lesson that portrayed a great truth. The Messiah had come for all mankind.
What a wonderful day for my granddaughter to be born. Amidst the food and festivity, the gifts and the gaiety, I will remember another wee babe that lay in a manger and pray that His story will be part of her story.

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