Wednesday, November 24, 2010

sir galahad

As I sat limply at the table this evening, breaking several rules of etiquette at once, I had a deja vu moment.
Long, long ago, I had drooped just as limply in my school desk, my head propped up, with my elbow resting tiredly on my desk. A clock was wearily ticking. Someone was shuffling their feet.
My grade three teacher was no longer making eye contact and I was entertaining myself by sliding my elbow across the cool, smooth surface of the desk.
When my elbow reached the edge, it should have paused.
Instead, it dropped like a rock over a cliff.
I followed.
There was a flash of skirt, and two little legs shot out of the desk as I tumbled to the floor. I saw London, I saw France..........
The class was delighted.
This was clearly the most entertainment they had enjoyed all afternoon.
Everybody laughed. Well, except for me of course, and one other very sober individual. A little white haired boy rose gravely from his desk and assisted me back into mine without a word. Sir Galahad.
Out of that large classroom of children, his is the only name I still remember. Blessings on you wherever you are.

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Ken said...

And who is he? He might still be in town.