Sunday, October 10, 2010

T Rex

A fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex stalks my hallway. His teeth are long and jagged. His arms are stretched out as though to clutch the unwary.
We have a large blackboard painted on one wall of our hallway for the entertainment of our grandchildren. Some amazing creatures have appeared and then become extinct, lost in the mist of time and chalk dust.
This T Rex is a particularly fine specimen. I was to have been the creator but my grandson kept giving me artistic advice and was finally forced into starting from scratch to show me what a Tyrannosaurus really looks like.
This dinosaur sketch is everything that art should be; bold, evocative and full of life and movement. It's a wonderful thing to own a great piece of art, and knowing the artist is even better.


Sandpiper said...

How fun! I've always thought it would be neat to have a chalkboard wall.

Glenda said...

Thankyou, we've loved it. Blackboard paint comes in colors now, and I debated between school room green and traditional black. Black won and we didn't want a wooden trim round it because of chalk dust,so we taped off the perimeter twice and painted a one inch border. Did you know you can also buy magnetic paint and combine it with blackboard paint.... oh the possiblities!! I think a big blackboard in the kitchen would be fun for writing menus, and I've even thought of painting my interior doors with blackboard paint. I saw an armoire painted in blackboard paint and doodled on very artfully. No end to the fun I guess.