Wednesday, October 13, 2010

landed immigrants

Californians are in our midst.
Tall and stately giants.
A detour this morning, led me down 88th ave., past a stand of twenty three towering trees.
California Redwoods.
There is something truly magnificent about very old trees. These would be considered Heritage for sure. What a wonderful title for a tree, Heritage. Something passed down through the generations, a birthright, an inheritance.
The Antiques Road Show always talks about provenance. I wish I knew the story behind these trees. In fact, a Heritage Road Show would be fascinating. The stories behind old landmark buildings, great old barns, mansions, and gardens.
Long ago, twenty three little trees travelled north, and were transplanted into the moist, cool Canadian soil. Landed immigrants.


Ken M. said...

I know those trees and have known them since I was child. One of the things that always catches my attention is how "A" shaped the trunks of the trees are.-- Ken

Glenda said...

That base shape is very distinctive isn't it. It's no surprise that the giant ones down south could have a car drive through. They probably didn't look much smaller when you were a child because in tree years, we're just saplings.(not to be confused with saps)