Friday, October 1, 2010

come and gone

It's hard to believe that October has arrived. It seems as though we folded on the dotted line, Spring to Fall and here we are. It's even harder to believe that the first decade of the new millennium has come and gone.

Ten years ago, as 1999 roared up to the finish line, my December birthday arrived as usual. That year, I chose an applique quilt block pattern by Maggie Walker to mark the occasion. It became my Year 2000 project. I figured that there must be 2000 pieces in it, or at least 2000 stitches, and would be a challenge, just as was befitting the occasion. Y2K was all about challenge. I loved the treasure hunt that ensued to find just the right fabric for feather and flower. A leopard print worked perfectly for some of the feathers. The others were assorted spots and dots and swirls. The falling leaf on the bottom edge is covering a snip I made in the quilt edge by mistake. You gotta love applique. I was delighted to find chicken wire print fabric for the backing and binding. When the top was finally finished, I wanted the quilting to be a part of the story, and spider webs seemed like the right choice. They are wonderfully random, and could be stitched to fit the space as needed. I love the sense of distance, and the feeling of being a part of the picture at the same time.
The rooster in the open window symbolizes to me confidence and watchfulness. Qualities to cultivate, as the new millennium picks up speed.

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