Sunday, August 8, 2010

flood, the sequel

A quavering scream hung in the air. I had no trouble recognizing the voice, because it was my own.

We have been in a state of limbo following an overnight water leak in our kitchen. The trauma has left my husband a little gun shy when it comes to water pipes and hoses. He has been nervously monitoring the dishwasher, and turning water off over night, until renovations replace the existing system. This past Saturday marked the infamous two week anniversary. Then, as is so often the case with letting down one's guard, disaster struck. The dishwasher inexplicably blew a water line. The result was quick and catastrophic. Hot water gushed across the kitchen floor, swirling up to the edge of the hardwood floor. It found in a moment, every route to the lower floor, and poured through a light fixture into my parent's kitchen, and formed drip lines in an adjoining hall and room.
Once the screaming died down, I was giddy with relief.
-We were home and awake when it happened.
-Our new kitchen cupboards haven't been installed yet so we only redamaged the old.
-We knew where to rent a fan in a hurry.
-My husband has become my hero.


K said...

Les, There is a device that may give you and Glenda a bit of peace of mind. It is a special valve, installed at the appliance connection, which automatically shuts off the water if there is a burst pipe or other free flow of water. With the one I have the only drawback is that if I shut off the main water supply, it activates the valve and to get the water to flow again when I want it to I have to disconnect the valve and then immediately reconnect it. Works for clothes washing machines too. Ken Madland

once upon a time . . . said...

ahhh, the silver lining

once upon a time . . . said...

the first 2 sentences would be PERFECT for the beginning of a book . . . I'm just saying ;o)