Sunday, July 4, 2010


My daughter had a hilarious time playing Hugger Mugger at a party, so when she found a travel version on ebay, she snapped it up. Games requiring acuity of mind shouldn't be attempted after ten at night but we read the directions and waded in anyway. The game would end when one player was able to guess the mystery word, unveiled one letter at a time. Well, the game ended alright, but neither of us could unveil the word even though all four letters were staring us in the face. KVAL? Was this an english version? Google suggested Swedish as a possible language. Like sleuths, we combed the instructions for a clue and decided that the original owner had assembled a portion of the game incorrectly. A wheel was unsnapped and repositioned, and twenty-one, four letter words (all nice ones) were waiting in the wings. I feel sorry for the first owner of the game. No one had warned them that games that require acuity of mind to assemble, shouldn't be attempted after ten.

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