Friday, July 2, 2010

generation generalization

"I have a question regarding my father's bill," I said crisply, giving his name. "Are you sure that's his name," a voice queried, after what seemed an unusually long wait. "Well," I hesitated, " He's been my Dad for quite a few years and that's the name......... "Oh, here it is," she gushed, " You'll have to excuse me, I just woke up and my mind's not working." I digested this surprising confession and then asked tentatively, "What time does your mind start to work?" "Around eleven." The mother in me just couldn't keep from preaching, "I think you need to eat breakfast!" "Who has time for that," she exclaimed. " "You remind me of the girl that worked in the Langley office," I mused, a light dawning. "Is it my voice?" she asked sweetly. "Well, no, it's the 'mind not working til eleven' part," I admitted. "Oh, you'll find that about my whole generation," she said sweepingly. I think her whole generation would prefer to speak for themselves.

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