Thursday, July 22, 2010


I woke up in a bit of a funk the other morning. A dark cloud that had dogged my steps the day before, had settled over night, and chilled my soul. Funks feel sad and listless. As the day wore on, I unwisely indulged my mood with self pity, and the funk turned in to a snit. Maybe it's a natural default to blame others, when really, so many choices are our own. Of course, a snit left unchecked can erupt in a snark or even a snipe. I have come to love the expression, "always change a losing game." Thank you Lord, for showing me there is another way. I can be sorry and change, instead of just being sorry. I can forgive and love, instead of giving up, and I can be thankful and accept joy instead of counting up the negatives. Ahhhh, freedom from myself, to be myself.

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