Monday, July 5, 2010


Our neighbor used to fling wide her door every evening as darkness fell, and call her cat in for the night. "Flea Bag, Fleeeea Baaaaag!" A humiliating name, and yet that cat's self esteem remained unscathed. Cat's do exude a certain confidence.
We went for a late afternoon stroll at the zoo yesterday and knelt in admiration beside the cheetah enclosure. A lithe and languid cat was lapping up the slanting rays of sun; A polka dotted cat, with golden eyes. I found myself talking to the cheetah, sweet talking, and it was moved to purr. What a wonderful sound. The more I praised it, the more it purred.
We were joined by a group of chattering women, talking noisily and whistling at the cheetah. It began to flick its tail in disapproval and we backed away in respect. You have to admire a cat for knowing what it wants. As for me, I know I want to hear again the rumbling purr of a content and flattered cheetah.

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