Monday, June 21, 2010

girls just wanna have fun

Do you ever feel like something has to change. Snakes shed their skins, moths struggle out of cocoons, and I rushed from the house one evening last week and headed for a hair salon. So much of what makes up our lives can't easily be changed, but hair, well, you can always cut your hair. As I was sudsed and rinsed and snipped and shaped, BTO's Taking Care of Business thumped away in the background, followed by Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I pondered the yawning gulf of time since I'd first heard these songs. Must be some Oldies station on the radio I mused. I was jolted from my reverie by my hairstylist holding a bottle of shampoo up for my approval. "Have you ever thought of using purple shampoo? brighten your grey hair?" I believe the color wheel was mentioned and her grandmother and I heard myself croak," You mean, I could be a little old lady with purple hair?" I was hastily reassured that brightness was my goal, not bingo parlor purple. I bought the shampoo. Here's hoping grey is the new blonde.

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