Thursday, June 24, 2010

budgeting for beauty

Change is good, and so I'm taking a new route for the morning commute. Fraser Hwy. has plantings in the median and they are flourishing and flowering now in late June. What an unlikely place for a plant to thrive, blasted by exhaust fumes and whipped by the wind of passing cars. Mounds of coral and bubblegum pink roses are interplanted with purple echinacea, and the many colored grasses that have become so popular. Wind and grass are wonderful companions and they ripple and sway as the cars roar past. I love the chartreuse foliage of the spirea. Their muted dusky rose flower heads have a wistful feel of gardens of an age past. Some master gardener hired for the task, selected these plants for their hardiness and ability to thrive I'm sure. City planners have many demands on their coffers. I'm so thankful that Langley and Surrey have budgeted for beauty.

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Shari Morehouse said...

this is a lovely thought and very profound. I think we all should budget for beauty by making time in our lives to enjoy it in it's many forms.