Tuesday, June 8, 2010

number five

"And the winning number is.... five." Five!! That's me. I'm number five. I won?! Aurifil thread, a whole rainbow case of it, straight from Milan was placed into my eager hands. Our quilt guild had a mystery challenge. Instructions were posted, and we blindly cut and sewed until at last, a pattern took shape. Mistakes equal lessons learned, and I've never learned so many things from one project. The challenge deadline arrived and twenty three quilts festooned the room. It was like a family reunion of sorts, something vaguely familiar, a family resemblance but that was all. In quilting, as in other visual arts, color value is more influential than the color itself causing parts of the design to dominate or appear to recede. Twenty three versions of one quilt became an amazing object lesson. Uniformity and sameness, are reinforced by popular culture, but when it comes to our creative self, the beauty is in the differences.

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