Saturday, May 1, 2010

polite superhero

"Look," I gasped. "See what I've found." Sand stretches away on every side. My hand is cupped,cradling a sand dollar. "Is it a fossil?" my little grandson asks, squinting. We talk, our heads bent together against the wind. "We found a sea dollar!" he calls exultantly. The tide is out and beds of flattened seaweed glisten. I bound to the centre of a large patch. "Help,"I cry. "Help, the seaweed has me." "I'm coming Gramma. I'll save you.... Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me," he says politely to the mounds of kelp as he picks his way to my side. A polite superhero. And later as we race the tide and the parking meter he drops to his knees beside a post protruding from the sand. " I've found the north pole," he says, his voice full of wonder.

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