Wednesday, April 21, 2010

putting my best foot forward

I'm feeling a little forlorn tonight. My annual spring visit with my sister is in the rear view mirror. Some say that anticipation is half the pleasure. It's true, there is a joy in the "count down," and I'd been counting since fall. The days had grown shorter and I had settled for conversations on the phone. The winter drizzle gave way to plum blossoms and I promised my sister we'd put our best foot forward when it came to weather, just for her. She often leaves winter behind and flies right into Spring when she comes for her visit. Her daughter has been caught in one too many winter storms on the way home from the airport. Threats have been uttered. We hunched over the calendar and the long range weather forecast and blindly cast the die. Surely this year we'd get it right. Alas, a freak blizzard howled over the prairies the day before my sister's flight, dropping the mercury and sweeping drifts of snow over the roads. I joked with my niece that the weather system of an entire province was being controlled by her Mother's travel plans. What power!
( She flew home six days later to 25 degree weather) I'm very thankful for the time I had with my sister. This time, as we foraged in Thrift Shops and wandered on the beach, a realization dawned. Her holiday is in fact, my holiday, no tickets and packing required.

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Teresa Mae said...

how cool to have that time and to be connect as only sisters can be, may it always be. blessings!