Tuesday, April 13, 2010

knowing when to quit

It is probably unwise to birdwatch while driving a car. Nevertheless, I found myself scanning the naked tree limbs as I drove to work this morning because all is unveiled by the bare branches of Spring. Suddenly, my eye caught a frantic flapping high in a tree. A crow seemed attached to a branch. It tried to hurl itself into space but its claws remained locked on the branch. What in the world could have entangled it so high in the tree. I must admit that by now my head was swivelling like an owl between the road ahead and the drama in the tree. Fortunately, the traffic light turned red and I was able to watch and learn. The crow dove off the branch, flipped into the air and grabbed the branch in its beak. Down it dangled, flapping wildly. This was repeated......repeatedly. Apparently, the crow had spotted a branch that was just the right shape and was trying to snap it off to carry it to its nest.
Winter branches are brittle, but Spring branches, with sap coursing through their veins are lithe and strong. As the light turned green, the bird coasted away on the rising morning air. This crow had hurled itself into space and tried every angle. What a bright bird to use its body weight for leverage. And what a bright bird to know when to quit.


Sheila said...

I love the whimsy your stories have :) such a way with words! such a talent!

Shari Morehouse said...

Yes, I agree. let's get her to write a book!!

Teresa Mae said...

Thank you for sharing, how wonderful your stories are. Your words paint a picture and I love how you gleen from the stories a message for life. Please write a book :o)