Friday, April 23, 2010


"I fell into a burning ring of fire," my little grandson sang happily from the backseat. Like his grandmother, he's prone to burst into song, but Johnny Cash!?
Three year olds are charming, and part of that charm is the words they use, words that won't really "fit" for a few more years.
"I love this game," he had declared with some passion as he placed the alphabet tiles on the board. "Actually, I love YOU," he added. Actually, I was charmed.
Humor is a concept that is grasped by the very young too. Chicken was on the menu and I had reminded him to finish his drumstick, "Eat your leg," was followed with laughter and he held out both hands in a calming, authoritative way and said, "Don't panic everyone, I won't eat my leg."
His little sister is right on the cusp of speech. "It's Grandma," said my daughter. "Ga," agreed my little grandaughter. It's just a matter of time.


Teresa Mae said...

love it! and the laughter abounds I can just see it hand up saying he won't eat his leg what a blessing those little ones are!

Cup'a Jo said...

The same thread of humor runs in your family! Little O is already showing it...ahh tis a cute thing to see. Wonder when Lily will show her funny bone?!