Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CBC and other dangers

Have you ever noticed how the music on the radio in your car reflects your life at that moment? I've dashed out of work and into the car for The Commute. and heard Willie Nelson nasally intoning, "...on the road again...." And, I've pulled up to an unfamiliar intersection and frantically glanced left and right while listening to "which way you going, Billie..." And I remember during a bleak and bitter time hearing "Lost" on the radio as I drove and finding tears flowing down my cheeks because someone had written my souls lament, and set it to music.
Have you ever listened to the radio in your car, and thought of it as the sound track for your life as a movie? I have, and I've noticed that sometimes I'm in a Romance, often a Comedy, but once, probably because I sometimes listen to classical music, a Horror show. No kidding, I actually scared myself and had to change stations. CBC can sound dark and dangerous. Music may soothe the savage beast but we civilized folks aren't interested in that. We're trying to stay awake on the long commute home.

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