Thursday, February 11, 2010

Zane is Grey!

You've almost reached your limit, the librarian said kindly. Are you returning any books today? My limit?! How could I have sixty books out already. Mind you, I had staggered out to the car with a slipping, sliding stack several times in the last few weeks, but limiting out at the library!! I always have a joyous sense of limitless choices awaiting me when I step through those doors.
In the 1920's and early 30's my Father was growing up in Drumheller and he remembers library cards costing ten cents. You could fill both sides with stamps before you had to buy another and he eventually read the entire children's side of the library. He yearned to read Zane Grey but alas, Zane Grey was on the adult side of the library and therefore, unattainable. This past year, almost eighty years later, he is working his way through a friends huge Zane Grey collection. More than sixty cards to stamp, no limits.

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