Friday, February 12, 2010

sorting and polishing memories

It's interesting that all the senses are involved in memory. In my collection of "childhood in Blue River" memories, I recall a warm summer afternoon. Golden light has seeped into the cedar log walls causing the room to take on a burnished glow. Sweet scents of waffle and blueberry have infused the air. Ahhhhh, lunch at Grandma's house, the original aromatherapy. We three cousins have lit on whatever perch seems handy and Grandma is settled by the open window in the big chair. She is reading from the Borrowers and I am fascinated with the name of the main character, Arrietty. It sounds so foreign to my ears, as foreign as the idea of Borrowers themselves that it lends a breath of plausibility in my mind. My Grandmothers steady voice reading, reading, the silver tinkle of distant voices rising and falling on the breeze through the open window over her shoulder. Surely there could have been a girl named Arrietty, isn't my cousins name so like it. Thus is the combined power of fiction and ambiance. Thank you Grandma.........

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