Saturday, February 20, 2010


Don't you hate it when people fold over the corner of a page to mark their place? Don't they know we're surrounded by bookmarks in waiting? They could use a twenty dollar bill, or a newspaper clipping, a pressed flower, or a photo; all things I have found at one time or another in books preread by someone else.
I don't like it when people write in books either.
Or, in a moment of madness, tear out a picture or instructions.
Books have always held something of the sacred for me. 
They can literally change our lives,
comfort and heal.
Surprised By Joy, by C.S.Lewis is on my list of "books that have changed my life."
He wrote of longing.
And the intimacy of the garden of Eden where man walked in the cool of the evening with God.
His words made a difference.

I guess it's important to mark our place, and write down our insights and save what we fear we'll forget.
And if it means you have to fold over the corner of a page, or scribble a note in the margin, so be it.

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