Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bonnie Gene

My blithe and bonnie cousin blew in like a gust of fresh spring air Friday morning. She was on her way north to take in a live play. Her mother, my Aunt, was playing Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Ernest. I just want to say, it's official, my Aunt has done everything now. Sadly, we share no genes, but she continues to inspire. What wonderful women I have been surrounded by. My grandmother, my mother, my sisters, my daughters, my aunts, my cousins........ Each one is a wonderful story. Maybe because I have been sorting pictures of grandparents to include on a quilt project, I am freshly aware of the amazing gift heritage is. In some way, we ARE able to pass on abit of the sweetness of life, lessons extracted from the bitterest experiences, not like dusty preserves on a shelf, but flowing in our veins, in our attitudes and values, in who we are and become.

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