Thursday, December 28, 2017


Our boots crunched there way through the grainy crust of mauve snow.  Ahead, rabbit tracks, looking like startled faces in the snow followed pathways only rabbits see.

Friday, December 22, 2017

let mortals

I drove east today, morning all around.
Clouds edged yellow and peach and gold.
'When morning gilds the sky,
our hearts awaking cry...'
The snow geese are on the move,
long necks stretching,
wide wings sweeping,
'let mortals too upraise, their voice in hymns of praise.'
and the air smells like snow.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

summer reigns

A miniature garden at my house is ignoring the seasons.
Summer reigns.
Calico Critters and Playmobil have harvested carrots, beets and lettuce. They've planted and replanted and picked and pruned and packed off the produce. It's a pretty prolific little garden plot.
A few folds and furrows: all felt.
Foliage and flowers and frilly lettuce: all crochet.
Now lest you think me Martha Stewart, I didn't crochet a stitch.
Instead, I foraged.
Long, long ago, my clever sister crocheted a bouquet of flowers and foliage. She arranged them artfully above a crocheted basket. This was all glued in place on a square of countrified was the 80's....framed, and hung for many a year in my parents home.
The dust of decades did their sinister work and it eventually languished in a box destined for the dumpster.
Could it be rescued?
I tried tugging the little crocheted blossoms off but the glue held fast. An overnight soak in the sink was all it took.
I used the light green leaves atop felt carrots, and the dark green leaves topped beets. A large double green blossom became a head of lettuce. And a couple rows of flowers finished the garden off nicely. All vegetable gardens should have a row or two of flowers. Brings the bees and butterflies.

Monday, December 4, 2017

and away

Driving home today a squadron of swan flew overhead in tight formation. So tight was their formation in fact that I looked twice as they rolled in unison to the right....giant wingtip to wingtip, and away.