Monday, March 30, 2015

tea time

I had an early morning appointment today.
What was I thinking to book an 8 am dentist appointment?
I suppose I figured that since I start work at 7 am on days I work, that 8 wouldn't ripple the pond of life.
I was wrong.

I actually don't mind going to the dentist.
It feels so good to have freshly cleaned teeth.
And it feels pretty good to lay back in that big, soft chair with my feet pointing to the ceiling and my thoughts freed to roam at will for a blissful hour.
At least that's how I usually feel.
How I expected to feel.
I was wrong.

My hygienist is a calm, particular, methodical woman. These are delightful qualities in a dental hygienist. She shares her workspace with another equally dependable woman. Sadly, a car accident has resulted in this co-worker being replaced by a revolving door of temporary help. Routines have changed. Supplies have not been reordered. Things have been moved and things are missing and things are stressful.
I suppose that isn't so surprising.
What was surprising though was how I absorbed that stress like a thirsty sponge.
I felt a buzz the whole time I was there.
My husband would high five me because that is his usual response to a trip to the dentist.

A long hour later, I staggered out into the cool morning air where I revived just enough to mislead myself into thinking a trek to Target was called for.
Target is closing and a few crumbs of sale items remain. I had a particular mission in mind. I figured I'd just pop in and out and then hasten home for tea.
I was wrong.
It was early enough that most of the mall was still closed, so everyone in Langley with a yen to shop was crowded into Target.
Rock stars wish they had as many people lining up to buy tickets as Target had lining up to buy the strangest assortment of things.
And I was one of them.

Time seemed to pick up speed after that.
Isn't time a funny thing? It can creep along, come to a grinding halt, race just never know what it will do.

I realized as I was writing this that I never did get my cup of tea.

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