Sunday, March 8, 2015

can be

Remember to Keep Calm:
This is only a game.
The players should all have fun,
the coaches are volunteers,
the referees are Human,
respect is not an option.
This is only a game.

I've been smiling ever since I read this. It is from a local soccer league. One of those statements imbedded in the signature of an email and I LOVE it.
I love it because this morning I woke in a beige state of mind.
Kind of colorless.
Nearly a funk.
Almost a frazzle.
Then I read that reminder.

I need to keep calm.
Today can be like a game.
I should have fun.
We're all the same.
Volunteers and referees.
All human.
Respect is the thing.
For me just the same as you.
For you just the same as me.
Today can be like a game.

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