Sunday, August 3, 2014


It seems like only yesterday that they were babies and now they have flown the coop.
They have.
Our family of robins has taken the leap.
When my grandson knelt on the deck, his forehead pressed to the boards, his eyes peering into the shadows below, he confirmed what we had suspected.
A whole lifetime in robin years had flashed by.

Here is the timeline:
Amazingly beautiful eggs appear.
Mother incubates them endlessly.
This takes two weeks.
Amazingly homely babies hatch.
Mother feeds them endlessly.
This takes two weeks.
Amazingly grown up looking young leap from the nest.
Mother coaches them endlessly.
This takes two weeks.
Worm population drops dramatically in yard.
Ta da.
Full grown robins.


Blue Moth said...

Glad to read this. Our family of robins did not make it out of the nest this year - suddenly the parents disappeared. I suspected the neighbour's young and agile cat and blame our elderly and supine cats for not defending their territory. The wild world is full of hazards - good luck to your robins!

Glenda said...

Thanks. I saw the mother robin teaching her baby to eat blueberries. The baby is full size now with just a few coloration differences, but it still acts like a baby. Six weeks from egg to adult is hard to imagine.