Thursday, January 23, 2014

very truly

Place- Grandma and Grandpa's yard.
Focal point of picture- the toys, THE FABULOUS HANDMADE TOYS
My grandma has gathered her grandchildren in like a flock of chicks. My brother and sister are perched on her lap and my oldest sister is doing the 'lean.'
It's a pretty cute picture all in all; sweet matchy, matchy dresses, my brother's little farmer boy overalls, the old log house, the tree stump chair, but truly, very truly, the thing that makes my heart beat faster is the wooden wagon and little cloth doll.
Oh my goodness!
I want that doll.
Wouldn't it be adorable with a striped body and antennae? Like a bee?
And that wagon just charms my socks off.
I want that too.
Would reproductions be OK?

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