Sunday, January 26, 2014

mystery solved

I propped my grandson's school picture on the mantel for safe keeping. There he was, smiling wistfully at me amidst the Christmas angels and cedar boughs. My eyes traveled almost reluctantly to meet his gaze and I found myself feeling..... sad? Why sad? What a mystery.
A few days passed, and I took his picture down from the mantel, placed it into a frame and perched it on the sideboard in the dining room. It would be at eye level there as we ate.
I felt happy when I looked at his smiling face, his bright sweet face.
I mentioned in passing to my daughter that evening that I had framed his picture and placed it in the dining room. "He looked so small and alone on the mantel," I said, my voice catching.
Mystery solved.

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Linda said...

How sweet! I can understand that so well. My two grandchildren live over a thousand miles away. I have their picture as the wall paper on my phone and computer. It is a comfort to see their faces daily in such familiar places.