Tuesday, January 14, 2014

in practice there is

There had apparently been a run on black thread at my local quilt shop, but they were still able to find me three spools in just the right weight made from happy cotton plants grown under ideal conditions in a foreign country and shipped by camel.....I produced my bank card and hastened homeward.
That meant that I was ready, but ready for what?
If you are learning how to do something, and you do it a bit at a time, isn't that called practicing?
i squinted at my special thread.
I squeezed my special black quilt batt.
I looked at my special quilt top. 
Then I strung new black thread in and out and all about my sewing machine.
I took a firm grip on my quilt and a firm grip on my courage.
I practiced texture first.
And then filler designs.
Then I practiced wild flowers and the odd leaf.
I have reached the outer border and have started to practice feathers.
I have practiced enough feathers to generously cover two large geese and the end is not in sight.
I practiced yesterday and today and I'll be practicing tomorrow too.
We had a speaker at Guild once who admonished us to "practice on something that matters."
It makes a difference apparently,
to our motivation,
to our artistic effort,
to our stress level. .....
It makes me think of something Yogi Berra once said,
"In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is."

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