Friday, October 25, 2013

swirls and eddies

My grandmother's toy box was a wooden orange crate. It held a thousand delights. Well, maybe a few dozen delights, but there were plenty to go 'round.
I am the little mite in the middle, staking my claim. See how I am edging my poor cousin out while he is distracted by the photographer?
The rug was made by my grandma.She collected woolen coats which she cut into strips and braided. They were incredibly durable and even more beautiful. I have a small one that she made for me entirely out of red plaids.
This picture stirs so many memories that I am like a rabbit caught in the headlights.Those memories are a blend of joyous recall, heartbreak and regret all at once. I think old photos are like that because of what they are, pictures of life and isn't life a blend of joy and heartbreak? The regret part is something I can change though. I didn't realize that once but I have come to.
The river of life sweeps us along.
It swirls and eddies.
We are taken places we didn't expect to go.
We can choose to celebrate life though.
Choose to celebrate love wherever and whenever we can.
You can't undo love.
It doesn't have a shelf life, or an expiry date.
It lasts on and on.
Forever in fact.

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