Friday, October 18, 2013


Joe stood as still as a statue and listened. Ahhhhh, alone at last.

He slid to the edge of the cushion and happily closed his eyes. "A hop from the couch is nothing if you have been raised in a Baobab Tree," he thought.

But he got stuck part way down and took a bit of a tumble.

A little snack seemed just the thing, though it wasn't as cold as he thought it would be.

The sewing machine stood on a table near by. Things that whirred and buzzed gave Joe a thrill and he'd always hankered to give it a try...

but it was harder than it looked and he ran over his finger.

He climbed onto the back of the couch and watched the squirrels hiding nuts in the yard.
He held his breath and gasped in admiration as they flew from branch to branch.

He sat at the window until the low morning sun climbed in the sky and dazzled his eyes with its brilliance. 

There is a curious call to books, and turning from the window at last, Joe found a story that was just the sort of light reading he enjoyed, but he could hardly see the pages after gazing into the bright autumn light.

Then Joe played with the blocks for awhile; little cubes of jungle green, but he found them puzzling.

Barrel of Monkeys was so easy by comparison that he got lost in the game.

Playing Doctor seemed promising too, but only one patient showed up; a ballerina in very good health.

"I'll just watch a little television and enjoy a laugh or two," thought Joe

but the news made him cry.

He pulled up his quilt and leaned back in bed. "What a busy day," pondered Joe. Just the sort he liked to
  remember moment by moment,

but he was soon sound asleep.

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