Tuesday, July 23, 2013

old mcdonald had a farm

I had a length of fabric printed in ready made blocks upon gingham, a nice rusty homespun look.
There were ducks and chickens, pigs and horses, cows and rabbits and sheep.
I also had a piece of farm animal flannelet.
Happily, I also had an invitation to a baby shower.
A shower for a baby boy.
Farm? Flannel? Gingham?
Don't you love it when your path is clearly marked like that?
I added a larger burgundy/rust gingham for border number one and a pale blue gingham with quarter inch navy gingham corners for the outer border.
I quilted all about in the path of a bee and bound and bundled it up ready to take to the shower.

I haven't tended towards panels or pre-prints but I think it's a case of remembering who the quilt is for and how it will be used and enjoyed.
Babies love pictures of animals and learn to recognize them and the sounds they make at quite an early age.
Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O
May this quilt comfort and entertain.

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