Sunday, July 14, 2013

clean and fresh

We headed out for an evening walk but found afternoon stubbornly hanging on instead.
The air still held the heat of the day.
At the half way mark a patch of shady grass called and we dropped limply to the ground.
We watched two children gallop across a field, their small kite bobbing and dipping behind them.
We listened to the distant crack of ball against bat and waves of cheering voices.
A very small yard nearby was hosting a very large party. Smoke and laughter wafted upwards.
"He wasn't a very good father, but he was a wonderful grandfather," a voice behind the hedge declared. "He kind of redeemed himself."
"Thank goodness for second chances," I thought.
As we turned towards home, a breeze began to huff and puff.
The clouds overhead were breaking apart in the cooling air.
They were like soap suds, like spent suds, the sky scrubbed clean and fresh.

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