Wednesday, June 12, 2013

that alone

Do the Eighties live on in some corner of your house?
Do you have any evidence laying around that prove you were there?
I moved a few years ago and there is almost no power greater than a move to cause you to evaluate your possessions, decade by decade and make rash and ruthless judgement calls.
I'm pretty sure I still had the odd duck or cow light switch plate kicking around pre-move.
The cull began and boxes were packed.
There are always a few things that slip in under the wire though.
It can be hard to explain to others why you have kept them.
I used to paint on wood.
Almost everybody did.
The country craze was so appealing.
Especially to those of us who already had a love affair with wooden things.
This trio of wooden bears made the cut.
I like to think of them as The Three Bears before Goldilocks.
Don't they look relaxed and happy?
I think that alone should elevate them to the timeless category.

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