Tuesday, May 21, 2013

magnified in value

Sometimes it is the less than perfect pictures that become favorites a generation hence.
I have no idea who snapped this shot of my mother and older siblings but I love it so much.
My older sisters and brother were apparently as shy as wild rabbits and that may have been a contributing factor to the photo's charm.
Clearly, the attention of a visitor with camera in hand was heady flattery.
Especially enraptured is my oldest sister and her posture has acquired that awkward frozen fate of the star struck.
Advice must have been forthcoming from the patient photographer, but only my brother, the obedient youngest, is trying in vain to smooth out his tummy on behalf of them all.

I love- the sameness of the fabric in the outfits ( so Sound of Music )
         - the scuffed leather shoes and tights ( part of my childhood uniform as well )
         - the log house and rustic step ( not as splendid as grandmas but not bad for a first try )
         - the houseplant in the window leaning toward the light ( potted up in a tin can of course )
         - the evident delight of the children ( their happiness is catching )
         - my amazingly young and stylin' mother ( what a dress! what posture!! )

Attention paid to a child is magnified in value. ( The important word in that sentence is value.)

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