Friday, April 26, 2013

focal points

Focal points are so interesting, and so easily shifted. When I made Self-Made Man, I wanted the focal point to be the lone settler; the weathered, bent figure toiling amidst farrow and fold with his draft horse.

I bundled up the finished quilt and sent it off to McDougall Cottage, and when it returned to me like a homing pigeon several months later, I happily hung it on the wall.
It seemed then that something was missing though.
I had snipped the shape of a dog out of my applique wool when the quilt was being designed but decided that it was a distraction from my focal point. Now, it seemed like a sorry omission. A hanging quilt is like a design wall and so I pressed the dog onto the quilt and stood back.

Ahhhh, that was better.
Yes, the focal point did shift, but I liked the story so much better.
Now, the settler is no longer toiling alone.
Love is there.
His loyal hound is watching.
And not just watching. He is oblivious to everything but his master. Not even the rabbit catches his attention.
I like that my eye goes first to the dog and then follows his gaze; a reminder of the power of love and loyalty.

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Bev in TX said...

I saw this quilt over at the "Quilter's Show & Tell" contest, and I think it is amazing. Thanks so much for entering it, so that I can others could see it. (Yes, I voted for it :-) .)