Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a song to sing

Another spring, another Wee Quilt Challenge. This year at McDougall Cottage, the theme was Greetings From The Auld Sod.
That expression, The Auld Sod has been transformed in story and song to The Old Country, not quite as picturesque but just as lovely. 
When I hear that title, I invariably think of green, green hills; those far away hills, the distant purple mist, and always sheep dotting a lonely moor. 
I imagine this because I have never been to the British Isles, but I believe that the green, the lonely and the magic of it all are just the same today as they've always been.
In my wee quilt, lambs have wandered to the hedgerow. They have clearly never heard the song of spring before. A little plaid bird holds their gaze.
The homespun fabric in the border echoes a distant past, a heritage in textile mills near Mukrim.
The little plaid bird is a tribute to the courage and optimism of those who travelled from the Auld Sod. There is always a song to sing.

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