Thursday, January 24, 2013

snapshot of the past

This picture truly is a snapshot of the past, a wide and varied past.
Note how the wicker chair, so sixties in its sensibilities, shares the space with the overstuffed chair of the forties. The T.V. tray is a fifties acquisition and the philodendron meandering up the wall has likely seen each decade march by in succession. Why was there always a plant toiling towards the light?
Of course, all of that is just background; the stage and set.
The players are the blithe and bonnie group of children;
all five of us plus the guest appearance of a tiny sober cousin.
My two oldest sisters are resplendent in their ubiquitous matching dresses. Still, I note that my mother has wisely sewn in unique details on each.
My brother is clad in the boys uniform of the time; striped and short sleeved.
We little girls, with our matching hairstyles seem intent on other things than preserving our image for posterity. There are those dolls you know. They are clearly someone else's babies from a decade or two past, but they have maintained their charm as all dolls do.
I love our dresses. They would be perfectly at home now in 2013 I think.
The past and present always exist together, whether in our photo album or our memory.

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